Welcome to Hazel's Place

Welcome to Hazel's Place

The newest jewel in the revitalization of the once vibrant, Michigan Avenue corridor.  An era that boasted one of the largest, most luxurious passenger train stations in the country right down the street.  A time when there was a hustle, bustle, and buzz up and down Michigan Avenue.  Hazel’s Place is just a short drive from Michigan Avenues’ downtown anchor, The MGM Grand Casino.  
Each patron is greeted and welcomed by a commissioned painting of our namesake…   Hazel Lee.

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Hazel's Plase, Detroits Mature Nightspot

What A Beautiful spot

Hazel’s Place is a blend of high tech with that of retro elegance and speak-easy opulence. The mature audience listens to the gentle clink of ice melting into the mellow intoxicating purrs of old-school R&B and Classic Jazz. The music is piped through a live concert quality sound system. The sharp contrast of 65inch HDTV's against tablecloths and glass stemware complete the eclectic merge. The walls are characterized by photographs of Old’ Detroit.

Chef Anthony

Hazel's Place Chef Anthony

We recommend the epicurean delights of our Catering Director, Chef Anthony for all your Hazel’s Place Events.  The culinary skill of Chef Anthony is a gumbo of traditional training and seasoned with his soul .

Specials At Hazel's

At Hazel's Place, there is always something special going on. Find out about our weekly Hump Day Happy Hour Buffet, and drink specials in an entertaining ambience.
Other Specials:

  • Hazel Lee’s Toddy 
  • The Red Boss
  • Adios MF